Our Flight Cases are manufactured according to customer needs. Fully customized and including the accessories you want.

Flight Cases

They are specially designed for car, motorcycles, karts, engines, spare parts, leathers and helmets, tools, communication systems, computers, wheels, plastic floors, aluminum trusses, catering, etc. For their fabrication, we use the leading components brand, Adam Hall and Astroboard polypropylene panels, which reduce weight by 40%, thus cutting air and land transportation costs and making it easier to handle the cases at the circuit. They are fabricated with double aluminum frames, detachable wheels and brackets for transportation when using mechanical lifts or pallet trucks.

Design Fligh cases for:

• Motorcycles
• Cars
• Spare parts and engines
• Pannels of Boxes
• Leather and Helmets
• Motorsport equipment
• Pit perches and communication systems
• Tools
• Trailers / Trucks
• Others 


We manufacture the flightcases, according to customer needs. Fully customized and including the accessories you want.

We can design your Flighcase previously in 3D to see how will be the final product and if you have to change something.


We make the interior with wood and foam of different thicknesses and densities. Foam work with different types of machinery to achieve the desired finish that provides the maximum possible protection of the product or equipment. Avoiding movements inside the flightcase.


We work with different types of materials to meet the needs of your flightcase. Each material brings qualities and although manufacturing cost can be more expensive, you could save on costs. Either by saving weight, duration of the product, etc.

Wood (10mm) | Plastic | Carbon

* We have available transport Protection Bags for fligh cases or plastic stretch film for an extra protection.


We can customize the flight you marry as you wish.

Exterior color
Interior color
Stands and easels
Reinforcements for transportation
Electrical components



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