AMATUMOTO.COM offer your service of managing sales for Racing Teams.


AMATUMOTO.COM offer your service of managing sales for Racing Teams. We work with leading racing teams to manage the sale of their vehicles and responses. Thus we are able to offer both collectors and other equipment very exclusive material category

Managing sales for Racing Teams and collectors:

• Motorcycles
• Cars
• New and used spare parts for competition.
• Motorsport equipment
• Trailers / Trucks
• Others

It is a simple and effective way for your vehicle, technical equipment or spare parts are sold.
You will not have to worry about managing your ads, answering emails, manage shipping, etc. Our company will manage the sale of your product from start to finish. This is the option that hire most of our customers, whether professional or private equipment collectors.


• Publication of your article on websites specialized in our company.
• Sales Management from start to finish.
• Management of transport if necessary.
• Answers to all emails and phone calls requesting information.
• Option to hire our service “Racing Service”
• Statistics Report.
• Counseling current market price.
• Publishing associated pages and corresponding management.
• Mailing to our network of potential customers.
• Ability to expose his motorcycle in fairs and events that we attend.
• Management of the sale of his motorcycle on social networks.
• Managing sale with our dealers.
• Reports generated in real time deals.
• Phone support for buyers.
• Tax information and advice from tax expenditures
• Transfer Management motorcycles, drafting contracts, DUA, etc.
• Many other complementary services.

Ad Duration: 1 year / renewable.

Requirements: Detailed information on the product, good quality photographs, documents
authorizing sales management, customer information, other.

Breach of contract >>

* Seller can only advertise your article on our website and AMATUMOTO COMPANY shall be permitted to sell.
* The seller can not sell their items for its own account without prior notification and negotiation with the company.
* In the event of their being breached contractual rules management system sales “Exclusive” the owner must pay a fine of 150 Euros per ad and in case of sale hidden 25% of sale price.
* In case of sale by own account, the amount will be to negotiate with the company.





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