Trailer tent and paddock fascias with the best designs

Fascias & Trailer tent

At events such as the Le Mans 24 hours, teams must remove the tractor units from the race trailers thereby exposing the underneath of the trailer. This system enables us to produce a crisp, professional image, covering trailers and other rooms arranged for the operation of the equipment.Our design department manage to capture the style and image that the client was looking for.

In addition to installing a door with a guide and corners with visibly-marked edges, we added led lighting and graphics, allowing us to enhance the presence of the brand. We can customize the fascias with the needs of each team.

amatumoto motorsport


This tent is to use on the space between the trailers, also to give a corporate image of the Motorsport Teams.

With this tent you can create a surface in trucks separated from 1.5m to 2.5m. The arches are fixed to the platforms that allow the support to slide and thus adapt it to the different distances of the trucks. Is developed for offer sunlight during the day and have led strips for the night.

We can customize with canvas or images.

Trailer tent and paddock fascias with the best designs.



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